This page lists all the tutorials and guides written by this wiki's users.

All tutorials belong to the authors who wrote them, so please do not edit them yourself. As they have put a lot of effort into writing their tutorials, do remember to credit them.


These tutorials are demonstrations and walkthroughs of how to use various aspects of Essentials.

Additional features

These tutorials show how to add extra features to Essentials. They usually involve script modifications.



  • Adding ghosts - by Desbrina
  • Adding Team Preview between pokémon switches - by -FL-
  • Animating battle sprites - by Luka S.J.
  • Better one frame trainer backsprite animation - by -FL-
  • Implementing Trick Room and Wonder Room - by Playerin
  • Temporarily disable exp gain - by -FL-
  • VS. animation for event Pokémon encounters - by Videomixer (Script by Luka S.J. and tweaked by Maruno and ShadowFiendZX)


  • Advanced Pokédex - by -FL-
  • Berry number in bag - by -FL-
  • Border option - by -FL-
  • Character Selection - by -FL-
  • Dual screen and touch screen - by Zingzags (scripts by Crazyninjaguy)
  • Family Tree - by -FL-
  • Orange hand while acessing pokémon boxes - by -FL-
  • Pokémon Selection - by -FL-
  • Show species introdution - by -FL-
  • Simple HUD - by -FL-
  • Simple HUD Fixed - by SunakazeKun
  • Speech bubbles - by Carmaniac
  • TM shop with compatible icons - by -FL-
  • View IV/EV on Pokemon Summary - by MAK1N0


  • Last Pokémon message and BGM - by HelioAU
  • Last sent out pokemon BGM - by Elyssia (script by Venom12)
  • Improving Pokégear Radio - by -FL-
  • Adding in missing sound effects - by DerxwnaKapsyla
  • Adding in Poke Mart purchase sound effects - by LaDestitute
  • Changing the splash screen cry - by LaDestitute


  • Apricorn Plant and Time System - by Ran Tuco
  • Diploma - by -FL-
  • Evolution stone that activates trade evolution - by -FL-
  • One screen Day-Care Checker item - by -FL-
  • Register multiple items - by -FL-
  • Storage Checker item - by -FL-
  • Turn HM moves to items - by -FL-
  • Wall Clock - by -FL-
  • Watch in the Pokégear screen - by -FL-


  • Adding Dream World abilities - by Venom12
  • Auto-position backsprite on demand - by -FL-
  • Changing encounters mid-game - by Desbrina
  • Changing the exp per step for the daycare - Allows you to change the amount of exp gained per step by Pokemon in the daycare. - by HighTechnocrat
  • Creating methods similar to the "Masuda" method - Shows how to alter the chances of a Day Care egg being shiny depending on the parents. - by Anglican333
  • Edit TMs in pokemon.txt - by -FL-
  • Form change depending on real-world location -by Rigbycwts
  • Random Egg Generator - by -FL-
  • Rotate party keys - by -FL-
  • Weighted Egg Generator - by GReusch
  • Adding in a new type - by LaDestitute


  • Adding Additional Resolution Options - by HighTechnocrat
  • Adding Additional Text Speed Options - by Jianmingyong
  • Adding autosave - by KaysCollapse
  • Adding more player characters - by KitsuneKouta
  • Altering Player Character Sprites - by HighTechnocrat
  • Ball Catch Game - by -FL-
  • Configuring your project to work with git (or other CVS) - by griest024
  • Create game specific save files - Allows you to save your game with multiple different Pokemon Essentials games. - by HighTechnocrat
  • Difficult Modes - by -FL-
  • Friendship/Relationship System - by TayuyaoftheSoundFour
  • Game Over - by -FL-
  • More player characters options at game start - A guide to adding a new player character and allowing it to be selectable during the Professor's lecture. - by HighTechnocrat
  • More player characters using a game variable - INCOMPLETE. An alternative system for having more than 1 player character. - by Polectron
  • Password system - Allows you to set a password onto an event, with different settings. - by ShinyTogedemaru
  • Roulette minigame - by -FL-
  • Set the Controls Screen - by -FL-
  • Simple version check - by Elyssia
  • Television broadcasts - by JakeClowd
  • Type Quiz - by -FL-
  • Unreal time system - by -FL-

Deprecated tutorials

The tutorials below are no longer relevant to the latest version of Essentials. This is usually because Essentials already contains the functionality described in these tutorials.

By Desbrina

  • Adding abilities that affect egg steps

By -FL-

  • Adding different egg graphics
  • Adding gen IV incenses
  • Don't lose money after losing a battle
  • Easily choose an item from the Bag
  • Hiding nest areas for unvisited secret locations
  • Make nest indicator equals in map points with same name
  • Run anywhere

By GameNox

  • Mystery Gift (scripts by Crazyninjaguy et al)

By Martinixon

  • Adding an icon for player's position in map

By Maruno

  • "Already caught" icon in battle
  • Building better bridges
  • Changing a region map mid-game
  • Editing the battle command menu
  • Fixing the fishing graphics

By SytheXP

  • Resizing the screen

By Taimao

  • Vs Sequence (Script By Luka S.J)